Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Fashioned Green Beans

For those of you who grew up with fresh green beans canned from the garden, there is nothing better. I have managed to come up with a knock off that is so good it has fooled my father-in-law for many years now. He thinks I can these from scratch. Shhhh!

1 can of Bush's Shelley Beans w/ juice
1 t. minced dried onion flakes
1 t. chicken base (my fave is L.B. Jamison's) (don't use bouillon cubes)

Mix all together & bring to boil. Turn heat down to low & simmer until most of juice has been cooked down. Tastes pretty darn close to home canned grean beans. I make it for all holidays & use 4 cans & increase onion flakes & chicken base accordingly.

Note: if you can't find the Bush Shelley Beans, you can use regular cut green beans & canned pinto beans. I use about 1/4 c. canned pinto beans to 1 can of regular cut green beans. Get the shelley beans if you can!